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Vian Mahmod

This company provided excellent support and guidance throughout the entire process of registering corporate tax and outsourcing our accounting needs. Multi-Lingual Team and one of the few that provide services in German language in the UAE!

About Us

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing tailored financial and administration services to corporate and private clients establishing and managing their companies in the UAE, whilst ensuring comprehensive coverage of all technical, administrative, and financial aspects related to a UAE business setup.

Your Advantages at One Glance!

  • Our team possesses a wealth of experience and proficiency in managing tax transactions for various types of organizations, including domestic corporates ranging from large to small enterprises, and family business offices.
  • We have provided guidance to numerous businesses in strategizing and organizing their transactions using internationally recognized tax practices, corporate tax principles, and the relevant local tax regulations of the country.
  • We have demonstrated expertise and a successful history in effectively concluding client projects involving various cross-border transactions.
  • We are highly skilled in providing guidance on a comprehensive range of international tax practices, drawing on concepts such as double taxation avoidance agreements, the OECD framework.
  • Our team has successfully overseen numerous businesses restructuring transactions, including mergers, spin-offs, and other forms of corporate restructuring. They possess extensive knowledge of the tax implications that arise in such arrangements.
  • Our team is highly proficient in managing various compliance tasks, which include calculating corporate taxes, making deposits, filing reports, preparing documentation, and obtaining certifications.
  • With our extensive experience, our team is adept at resolving disputes and representing clients before local Tax Appellate Authorities, Tribunals, and Courts in complex tax matters.
  • Our team has a long-standing history of advocating for the trade and business community by providing consultations and suggestions during the formulation of new policy frameworks by tax authorities and the government. Our aim is to facilitate ease of doing business and achieve tax certainty.
  • Our team is committed to staying updated on new rules, policies, changes in tax compliance obligations, and accounting requirements. We are committed to offering focused assistance to our clients, ensuring they fulfill their obligations promptly and with precision.
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